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ELPEX Couplings


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Highly flexible couplings ELPEX series

 ELPEX couplings are highly torsionally flexible and free of torsional backlash. Because of their low torsional stiffness and damping capacity, ELPEX couplings are especially suitable for coupling machines with a very non uniform torque pattern. ELPEX couplings are also suitable for connecting machines with high shaft misalignment.

Standard ELPEX coupling types are designed as shaft-shaft connections or flange-shaft connections. Application-related types can be implemented on request.


The ELPEX coupling is suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting positions or mounting at any required angle. The coupling parts can be arranged as required on the shafts to be connected.

The split flexible rings can be changed without having to move the coupled machines.

The flexible rings are mounted without backlash and give the coupling progressive torsional stiffness, i.e. torsional stiffness increases in proportion to coupling load.

The ELPEX coupling is especially suitable for reversing operation or operation with changing directions of load.

The coupling is delivered preassembled. The flexible rings are completely assembled. On the type ENG, the coupling halves have to be bolted together after the hub has been mounted. On the type EFG, after mounting the coupling hub, only the outer flange has to be connected to the machine.

Outer flanges with different connection dimensions are available for the type EFG.

If the flexible rings are irreparably damaged or worn, the metal parts can rotate freely against one another, they are not in contact with one another.


The ELPEX coupling is available in 9 sizes with a nominal torque of between 1600 Nm and 90000 Nm. The coupling is suitable for ambient temperatures of between –40 °C and +80 °C.

The ELPEX coupling is frequently used for high-quality drives which have to guarantee very long service life in harsh operating conditions. Examples of applications are mill drives in the cement industry, marine main and secondary drives or drives on large excavators powered by an electric motor or diesel engine.