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FLUDEX Couplings


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Hydroynamic couplings FLUDEX

Coupling suitable for potentially explosive environments.


FLUDEX couplings are hydrodynamic fluid couplings which operate on the Föttinger principle. The coupling parts on the input and output sides are not mechanically connected to each other. Output is transmitted via the oil filling which rotates in the coupling and is conducted over radially arranged blades.

FLUDEX couplings limit starting and maximum torque in the drive train and, through the property of rotational slip, serve as an aid to starting the motor, as overload protection in the event of fault and for isolating torsional vibration.

When large masses are started up, the drive train is accelerated only at the torque determined by the coupling characteristic. The starting operation is spread over time, the driven machine started softly and smoothly.

In the case of special operating conditions, such as overload or blocking of the driven machine, the FLUDEX coupling limits the maximum torque load and prevents the inert effect of the rotating motor mass on the drive train.

The coupling then acts as a load-holding safety clutch until the drive is shut off by the motor control or coupling monitoring system.

The FLUDEX coupling further acts as a means of decoupling during torsional vibration excitation. Torsional vibration excitation with a frequency of > 5 Hz is virtually absorbed by the coupling.

To compensate for shaft misalignment, the FLUDEX coupling is combined with a displacement coupling e. g. of the N-EUPEX type.

All FLUDEX couplings are designed with radial unset blades and are therefore suitable for rotation in both directions and reversing operation. They can be fitted horizontally, at an angle or vertically. In the case of FLUDEX couplings with a delay chamber it must be ensured, when fitting at an angle or vertically, that the delay chamber is below the working chamber.


FLUDEX couplings are used in drives for conveyor systems such as belt conveyors, bucket elevators and chain conveyors. In heavy industry FLUDEX couplings are used for applications such as blade wheel drives, crushers, roller presses, mixers, large ventilators, boiler feed pumps, large compressors, centrifuges and auxiliary drives for mills.

Further applications are, for example, pump drives, PTO generator drives, windpower systems and door and gate drives.

In drives with diesel engine FLUDEX couplings are used on driven machines with a high mass moment of inertia.