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N-eupexS N-eupex

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Flexible couplings N-EUPEX and  N-EUPEX DS series

N-EUPEX DS as overload-shedding, non-fail-safe series

N-EUPEX and N-EUPEX DS claw couplings connect machines. They compensate for shaft misalignment, generating only low restorative forces.

The torque is conducted through elastomer flexibles, so the coupling has typically flexible rubber properties.

N-EUPEX couplings are overload-holding. By contrast, the N-EUPEX DS series is designed so that overload or advanced wear causes irreparable damage to the elastomer flexibles. The metal parts of N-EUPEX DS couplings can then rotate freely against one another without contact.


N-EUPEX couplings are designed on the modular principle and have a very simple construction. N-EUPEX types are made up of subassemblies to suit requirements. The couplings are assembled by simply fitting the coupling halves together. Wear is restricted to the elastomer flexibles, which must be replaced at the end of their service life.
Depending on type, the elastomer flexibles can be changed without moving the coupled machines.
The coupling parts are readily available from stock and are mostly finish-machined, i.e. with finished bore, keyway, set screw and balancing.


The N-EUPEX coupling is available as a catalog standard in 23 sizes with a rated torque of between 19 Nm and 62000 Nm. The coupling is suitable for use at ambient temperatures of between –30 °C and +80 °C. By using alternative elastomer buffers, the permissible ambient temperature range can be extended to between –50 °C and +100 °C.

Frequently, the coupling is used to connect the motor to the gear unit input shaft. The coupling is suitable especially for drives with uniform to average dynamic loads. Examples of applications are pump drives, ventilator drives or crane running gear. Furthermore, N-EUPEX couplings can be used as add-on couplings, particularly on FLUDEX fluid couplings or ARPEX AKR safety couplings. In the case of drives with a diesel engine, N-EUPEX couplings are suitable for driven machines with a low mass moment of inertia.

In the case of diesel engine drives, the actual dynamic coupling load should be checked by measurement or torsional vibration calculations.