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RUPEX Couplings



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Flexible couplings RUPEX series

Coupling suitable for potentially explosive environments. RUPEX pin and bush couplings link machine shafts and compensate for shaft misalignment with weak restorative forces. The torque is conducted through elastomer buffers, so the coupling has typically flexible rubber properties. Thanks to their robust design, RUPEX couplings are also suitable for rough operating conditions.


RUPEX couplings can also hold loads when overloaded and are therefore especially suitable for drives for special safety and reliability requirements.

Torque shock loads and changing loads are no problem for robust, compact flexible RUPEX couplings.

The steel variant is also especially suitable for high-speed drives.

RUPEX couplings are fitted by putting together the coupling halves. Fitting with low torsional backlash is simplified by the barrel-shaped geometry of the buffers.

RUPEX couplings require little maintenance. Only the elastomer buffers, as wear parts, need be replaced and the coupled machines need not be moved to do so.

RUPEX couplings are suitable for reversing operation and horizontal and vertical fitting or fitting at any required angle.


RUPEX couplings are available as a catalog standard in 26 sizes with a rated torque of between 200 Nm and 1300000 Nm.

The coupling is suitable for ambient temperatures of between –30 °C and +80 °C. By using alternative elastomer buffers the ambient temperature range can be extended to between –50 °C and +100 °C.

Frequently, the coupling is used to connect the gear shaft to the driven machine. In the case of drives without gear units, the coupling is particularly suitable for operation in rough conditions or heavy-duty drives with electric motor drive. Ventilator drives with high ventilator mass and drives in the cement industry are typical applications.

Examples of particularly safety-relevant areas of application are cable railway drives, lifting gear for crane drives or escalator drives