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SIMOGEAR Helical Geared Motors



High range of transmission ratios (plug-on pinion)

Very economic performance

Very energy efficient (efficiencies of 98 % per stage)

High power range

Mechanical construction

Stages: 2 or 3

Mounting types: foot-mounted and flange-mounted designs, housing flange

Shaft design: solid shaft

Typical applications

Conveyor belt

Transport of packaged goods

Vertical conveyor

Technical data

Gear unit type:                               Z.19 … Z.89 (2-stage), D.19 … D.89 (3-stage)

Gear unit sizes:                              8 (2- and 3-stage)

Torque range (Nm):                     90 … 1 680

Range of transmission ratios:   3.40 … 60.97 (2-stage), 39.34 … 330.23 (3-stage)

Motor power range (kW):          15