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VEM Motors



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IEC standard motors


Energy-efficient and non-polluting

these motors are designed for operation on a frequency converter

designed according to EN 60034 (IEC 60072)

mounting dimensions and allocation of output according to DIN 42673, 42677, or progressive

rugged low-vibration gray cast iron design

type of protection IP 55, higher types of protection up to and including IP 65 available upon request

thermal class 155 (F) including thermal reserve, 180 (H) available as an option

terminal box optionally arranged on top, on the right or left

many modifications available

Technical details

Frame sizes 56 – 315
Power output range 0.06 – 132 kW
Efficiency classes according to IEC 60034-30 •With due regard to VO(EG) 640/2009, these motors are available in the following design configurations:
without efficiency classification,•Standard Efficiency IE1,•High Efficiency IE2, and•Premium Efficiency IE3
Speeds 3,000; 1,500; 1,000; 750; 600; 500 r.p.m., lower speeds are available upon request, pole-changeable designs are available for many speed combinations, such as with Dahlander winding 4-2, 8-4, 12-6-pole or 6-4, 8-2, 8-6 and 12-4-pole with two separate windings, for example, with three speeds such as 8-4-2 or 8-6-4 resp., or with four speeds 12-8-6-4-pole
Types of protection IP 55, optionally IP 56, IP 65 according to EN 60034-5 (IEC 60034-5)
Design type IM B3, IM B35, IM B5, IM B14, IM B34 and derived designs according to EN 60034-7
Types of cooling •According to EN 60034-6 (IEC 60034-6)
self-ventilated IC, 411•forced ventilated, IC 416•unventilated, IC 410
Coolant temperature / altitude of site As a standard feature, -20°C through +40 °C, optionally -40°C through +60 °C, altitude of site 1,000 m above sea level